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About 1:1 High School Initiative

Welcome Spartans!

The 1:1 high school initiative was adopted by the Colorado Springs School District 11 Board of Education in the spring of 2018. The stated purpose was to ensure every high school student in District 11 had the tools for learning in the 21st Century regardless of circumstance. The 1:1 initiative supports one of Doherty’s Cornerstones by allowing us to expand learning by being both tech and time enabled. Students will have their own device to support their learning and will also begin using a learning management system (Schoology) so that our students will be able to access classroom materials 24/7 as opposed to just during the school day. Teachers will be expected to use Schoology to host their classroom in this web-based platform.

The device will be a Dell 2-in-1 model meaning that it will have a standard keyboard as well as touch-screen capability. While memory on the device will be limited, its primary purpose will be to access cloud-based applications such as Office 365, Schoology, and a wide range of supplemental learning tools.

The mission of Doherty High School is to prepare every student to be college, workforce or military ready. Each of these environments is all heavily tech-enabled. Students without this access during their four years of high school would be at a disadvantage regardless of the pathway they may take.  As textbooks were common for previous generations of students, 1:1 schools are becoming the norm throughout Colorado Springs, our state and our nation. While some parents may be concerned and wish to opt out of the program and will have that opportunity, it is strongly discouraged as it will deny a student access to expanding learning opportunities through cloud-based technologies.

Many of us as parents, teachers, and our greater community are concerned about our students’ screen time. By using a district-provided device, it will allow our district to filter content to ensure our students are accessing materials that support learning and not being used inappropriately or as a social media connection. We have implemented a 1:1 environment as opposed to a ‘bring your own device” (BYOD) to ensure our students’ internet safety and to support a rigorous academic environment.


In order to check out a device, you must do the following:

Read and sign required paperwork:

Student Electronic Device Letter of Agreement 

Signature Icon

(Carta De Acuerdo Sobre Los Dispositivos)  

Appropriate and Responsible Technology Use (Read Only - no signature required) (Uso Apropiado de los recursos)

Backpack Icon

Bring student ID, and signed paperwork to the library to receive your laptop.

Students who owe for laptop damage or loss, must pay those fines before getting their laptop for the upcoming school year.