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World Languages


World Languages Department

How many of you are already planning your future careers? Your knowledge of other languages will make you a valuable candidate for careers abroad as well as in the United States. Employers in today’s global economy look for workers who know different languages and understand other cultures. 

As a Doherty High School world language student, you will be prepared to operate and communicate well in a rapidly evolving global economy. Knowing a world language can many times help doctors, nurses, social workers, hotel managers, journalists, businesspeople, pilots, flight attendants, and many other kinds of professionals do their jobs well. The National Research Council states that knowledge of a world language facilitates travel, enhances career opportunities, and enables one to learn more about different peoples and cultures. 

Doherty High School world language students are able to communicate and collaborate effectively, innovate, and think critically. Students will learn what it means to be a global citizen by demonstrating character and resourcefulness. World languages prepare students to be competitive participants in our global economy with analytical skills, technical skills, reading and writing skills, computational skills and core knowledge and expertise.

Course Offerings and Pathways


  • 1/2 (First year)—Full Year (9-12) 
  • 3/4 (Second year)—Full Year (9-12) 
  • 5/6 (Third year)—Full Year (10-12) 
  • 7/8 (Fourth year)—Full Year (11-12) 
  • Advanced Placement—(11-12)
  • Spanish for Profiency (First and Second year) 


  • Business 
  • Diplomacy / Public Relations
  • Engineering / Software Design / IT
  • Fashion
  • Finance / Banking
  • Interpretation / Translation
  • Journalism / Telecommunications
  • Medical 
  • Education
  • Travel / Tourism

Highlights - Opportunities - Benefits

Travel Opportunity 

College Credit available for some classes through UCCS & PPCC
Leadership Opportunities Available in Student Organizations: Spanish, French, and German club
Exchange opportunities available!