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The Science Department at Doherty High School is dedicated to providing learning opportunities that are designed to allow students to develop scientific literacy and problem solving skills through the process of inquiry. Emphasis is placed on the process of science so that students can discover, interpret and apply scientific knowledge. Hands-on experiences during laboratory investigations provide opportunities to observe, formulate and test hypotheses, and develop scientific reasoning and inquiry skills as a way to understand and solve problems.  

Students use technology and work cooperatively to develop attitudes and interests towards the goal of becoming lifelong learners in a global environment and productive members of society. Doherty’s Science Department offers a wide range of classes in traditional content areas of Biology, Chemistry, Physical Science and Physics and a range of electives in the areas of Human Anatomy and Physiology, Oceanography, Environmental Science, and several Advanced Placement opportunities like AP Biology, AP Chemistry, AP Physics and AP Environmental Science. The Science Department seeks to provide opportunities to students who are interested in pursuing Science Careers, and those opportunities are formulated in their three years of science courses; one year of Biology, one year of a physical science, and students can choose a science course to suit their interest for their third year.

Course Offerings

  • Biology - Pre-AP, Honors Pre-AP, AP
  • Chemistry - Pre-AP, Honors Pre-AP, AP
  • Physics - Regular, Honors, AP
  • Environmental Science - Regular, AP
  • Oceanography
  • Anatomy and Physiology – Regular, Honors
  • Physical/Earth/Space (by administrative placement only)


Science Olympiad
Doherty Field Studies
Aerospace Club