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Physical Education & Health

Physical Education and Health

The graduation requirement for Physical Education is three semester credits, inclusive to grades 9-12. The sequential program is based on the assumption that one semester will be attained at the ninth grade level. 

The Health course will influence attitudes toward health, which will promote respect for the human mind and body including factors which foster optimum healthful living. Good health shall be defined as mental, social and physical well-being, and not merely the absence of disease and sickness. Emphasis will be placed on developing self-esteem and positive intra-personal relationships. Students will also learn the benefits of Fitness and Nutrition. The students will be encouraged to explore the emerging health information and develop the ability to weigh the validity of such information for application to their existing health status.

Course Offerings

  • Health is a ONE SEMESTER CLASS (10-12th Grades)
    • Mental/ Emotional Health - Suicide Prevention & Awareness
    • Human Sexuality/ Reproduction
    • Fitness and Nutrition
    • Alcohol, Drugs, and Tobacco
  • Physical Education 9 (9-12)
  • Physical Education 10 (10-12)
  • Lifeguarding (10-12)
  • Weight Training for Athletic Performance (10-12)
  • Rocky Mountain High (11-12)
  • Introduction to Athletic Weights (Must have varsity coach prior approval)

Highlights - Opportunities - Benefits

  • Students will have ONLINE access to the textbook for extra study and review topics
  • Easier to make up missed classwork and projects
  • Brand New Facilities Spring 2020: Main Gymnasium, Weight Rooms, Wrestling Room, Indoor Climbing Wall and High Climbing Elements
  • Learn the benefits of physical activity
  • Be a lifelong learner of exercise
  • Access to swimming pool with THREE certified WSI instructors
  • Build your self-confidence and self –esteem