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English Department

As we have more access to new information, we will be challenged to sort out what’s relevant, decide how it will impact our lives, and take advantage of the many opportunities to interact with, challenge, and change the world around us.  Throughout your journey in the English Department, you will work to deeply understand and connect with multiple genres of text.  You will be able to express yourself and your learning through the cyclical process of envisioning, planning, creating, and revising.  You will learn to understand the needs of any given audience and be given the skills to stand in front of an audience and deliver a well-prepared, meaningful, and engaging speech.  Because technology has a major part of nearly every career path, you will learn to utilize digital tools to experience, analyze, and explore different ways to create new content.  Your journey will take you from the beginnings of English literature through American and British literary eras, to being immersed in contemporary works.  You will also learn to navigate through many modes of communication, from short stories to drama and from film to art.  

The Doherty English Department is in the process of implementing the College Board ELA Standards to ensure every student in an English class will experience a high level of rigor and opportunities to push their learning to the next level.  With the College Board standards and curriculum in place, students have access and preparation not only for Advanced Placement courses but also for high performance on the SAT. Doherty graduates will be college and work-force ready with a full arsenal of communication and critical thinking skills that will lead to a habit of success.

Course Offerings and Pathways

  • Pre-AP English 1/2 - Full Year (Freshmen)
  • Pre-AP English 3/4 - Full Year (Sophomores)
  • English 5/6 – Full Year (Junior)
  • English 7/8 – Full Year (Senior)
  • English 7/8H – Full Year (Senior Honors)
  • Pre-AP English 1/2H - Full Year (Freshmen Honors)
  • Pre-AP English 3/4H - Full Year (Sophomore Honors)
  • AP Language and Composition (Junior)
  • AP Literature and Composition (Senior)
  • Yearbook – Full Year (Sophomore & up)

Highlights - Opportunities - Benefits

College Credit available for some classes through CSU-Pueblo Opportunities to perform original work and compete Advance Placement Testing (AP) available in some classes.