Welcome to the Doherty Counseling Website!
Doherty counselors will strive to ensure that students will graduate college and be career ready so they are prepared to enter a world yet to be imagined by enrolling in rigorous courses and participating in a comprehensive high school education and counseling guidance curriculum as their foundation. 
Doherty School Counselors are an integral part of the school community and  provide an array of services to assist all students and their families.  Services include social/emotional counseling, group counseling, academic preparation, and post-secondary planning.  We will be invested in each student’s personal strengths in order to maximize their ability to stay focused, disciplined, and resilient, while thriving in an academic environment. We will develop strong professional relationships with each student to ensure an individually customized educational plan allowing them to graduate as skilled team members, innovative problem solvers, effective communicators and proficient users of technology.
Counseling Hours & Appointments
The counseling center is open each day from 7:15 a.m. to 3:20 p.m. Appointments may be made by calling Kim Mumma, Counseling Assistant, at 328-6412.
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